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British Foreign Secretary in Erbil: You will not be alone in your fight

Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq (KRG.org) - Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani yesterday met with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in Erbil to discuss military and humanitarian assistance. Secretary Hammond was accompanied by British Ambassador to Iraq Frank Baker and a number of senior diplomats and military leaders.

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  • The cold curtain of winter: impending disaster in Kurdistan

    TUE, 14 OCT 2014 17:17


    The children seemed resilient and cheerful, demanding politely that they be photographed. For their sake, I hope that their return home will come sooner rather than later but that seems improbable about 50 miles separate this city, Erbil, from the modern and well-armed incarnation of fascism, the so-called Islamic State, which is battering Kobane into submission in Syria.

    But the main peril at this moment for the Kurdistan region in Iraq, which the foreign secretary just visited, is that it is coping with the influx of well over a million refugees from Syria and internally displaced people from the south and the west of Iraq. And all this without Baghdad, the nominal capital of a nominal federation, lifting a finger to help and worse still denying them their budget for nearly a year.

    The cold curtain of winter: impending disaster in Kurdistan

  • A voice for Kurdistan

    MON, 13 OCT 2014 16:04

    It s a very difficult thing, to ask a country to go to war, BayanSamiAbdulRahman said wearily when we met in her London office in September. As high representative of the Kurdistan regional government (KRG) to the UK, she had been lobbying for greater intervention against Islamic State/Isis militants in Iraq for months.

    A voice for Kurdistan

  • Prime Minister Barzani receives new UK Ambassador to Iraq

    THU, 25 SEP 2014 20:18

    Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani received Mr. Frank Baker OBE on Tuesday, an old friend of the Kurds and the UK's new ambassador to Iraq. Mr. Baker visited Kurdistan at the beginning of his appointment as ambassador. He expressed his pleasure to be back in Erbil and to see Prime Minister Barzani.


    Prime Minister Barzani receives new UK Ambassador to Iraq

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